To celebrate 6 years of successful partnership with our clients, we prepared a special offer to all eligible companies from the region. Get 20 hours of expert time free of charge and without any obligations.

The offer is valid till 31st of October


What's Included?

One of the following services can be chosen

Code Review

One of our senior developers will review the source code of your existing software solution. Get recommendations on how to improve your source code, best practices and code style.

Architecture Review

We will go through your software application architecture, infrastructure and decisions made. Get recommendations on how to improve scalability, reliability, security and extendability.

UX Review

Get a user experience review from our UX Specialist for your existing mobile, web or even conversational chatbot application. Get recommendations on how to improve user's experience.


Technologies We Cover

Overall we are experts in JavaScript and related technologies. Here is the list of specialities we know the best and have the most experience with

  1. JavaScript - ECMAScript 5, 6 and 7th editions
  2. Node.js/Express/Koa - RESTFul web services, micro-services, workers, crawlers
  3. React/Redux - Single page web applications
  4. React Native - Multi platform mobile applications
  5. Angular 1/2 - Single page web applications
  6. SQL & noSQL Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
  7. Infrastructure - Redis Pub/Sub, message queues
  8. Cloud - Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS & CDN providers
  9. Other - web sockets, unit and e2e testing, CI

Who is eligible?

Before claiming for the free service, please make sure your company/startup meets two important criteria

Team size of at least 5 people

Never worked with us before