No matter the sector of your business, you should already consider using chatbots. They are non-stop working assistants that increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, promote your business and save you time and money. Holding a Chatbot Hackathon years ago at Simply we fell deeply in love with chatbots and NLP. From that day on we design and build the best text and voice customer interaction experience using the latest available NLP developments and messaging platforms.




Slack is s a cloud-based set of team collaboration tool which is extremely popular among startups and tech companies. Chatbots in Slack have a very big role.


More than 1.2 billion users and rich chatbot development environment make Facebook Messenger the number 1 platform for chatbots. We already developed more than 10 various chatbots for Messenger.


What about integrating chatbot functionality to your website? With web chatbots you will make your every visitors welcome and stay connected with them even when you are not available at the moment.


NLP Services and Frameworks

Amazon Lex


Dialog   flow

Rasa NLU

The NLP service choice depends on many different factors, like language support, installation environment cloud or in-house, functionality requirements and so on. Anyway our chatbot experts will make a balanced decision on which service fits the best to your particular application. Additionally, for complex and advanced application we have developed our own Conversation Engine, which is on the way to be open sourced to the public.