Your Success is Our Victory-Happy Businessman

Your success is our victory

We do our best to make every project a triumph and because seeing every collaboration as a mutual reinforcement and progress we route all our efforts to be a success. Simply team works to amaze and make you to have a happy story about us to tell. Your post-development recommendation is the evaluation of our daily work and our motivation to extend and grow. Setting a customer’s experience as a priority we see every project as a path taking us to miles ahead, to another project, to another dimension thus making your success into our next victory.


Javascript is our superpower

At Simply we believe that the focus is the key to the mastery. Simply picked a fast developing technology and became its master making our company home for the best JS experts who strive for excellence and innovation. We always perfect our knowledge and use it as our superpower to create quality and trustworthy code. Our team don’t do everything, we do only JavaScript and do it the best!

Communication is Vital for us

Communication is vital For us

Out team values communication and loves to stay connected with our customers. Keeping you updated about what we do when and how is a priority for us. Sharing with you the real-time work process makes us more confident and motivates us to amaze you until our next interaction. Our team of JS experts keeps you informed and connected to your project development by sending you weekly/biweekly demos. You always have access to daily statuses and code updates while keeping up an internal Slack communication.


We are Professionally Mature

Simply has more than 7 years experience of outsourcing to Australia, USA and Russia. Our company showed 28% growth during last 3 years. Creating successful projects we have gained trust among startups and founders in these countries ensuring long-term partnership and relations with our customers. 87% of our clients came back for another project and this number makes us proud.

We Are Professionally Mature
©Hayk Barseghyan

©Hayk Barseghyan

Armenia is the Golden Mean

Armenia is a rapidly developing country in Eastern Europe that has the highest density of developers in the region. Though traditional outsourcing destinations are popular for low costs Armenia offers the highest European standards-good product quality, benign business environment and high skills. If to compare with Western European countries costs here are more flexible and affordable. In comparison with traditional destinations costs are higher but if the quality is a priority, Armenia is your best choice.


$20M were Invested in Made-by-Simply Startup Projects

Sharing the same culture to work highly productively and reactively, we value our partnership with startups supporting them to make their innovative ideas to happen. Before starting a project we help them to pick the best technology for their product and coach them how to use it. Creating powerful and highly usable products we make their market entry smoother and easier. Startup products made by Simply JS experts got $20M investment altogether till now.