We are a Team of Creative and Passionate Experts

We deliver on-demand end-to-end software development services and market ready solutions

Multi-Functional Web Applications

We design and develop multi-purpose, data-driven, realtime, high performance and mobile-ready web applications. The main technologies we use are JavaScript, Node.js, Web Sockets, React, Angular.

Multi-Platform Mobile Applications

We build multi-platform mobile applications, whether it will be a social network, geo-tracking app, dashboard, booking app, you name it. We use React-Native, Android and iOS

Large Scale Web Services

We are experts in building large scale, distributed web services, api-s, micro-services using a perfect mix of reliable, robust and cutting-edge technologies. We use Node.js, Docker, AWS/Azure, Content Delivery, caching, message queues, SQL and noSQL databases.

A.I Powered Chatbots

We build multi-purpose and multi-platform highly intellectual chatbots. For more information please visit ChatBotKitchen. Technologies and platforms we use wit.ai, luis.ai, spaCy, Bot Framework, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype.


Why Simply Technologies?

This is why 87% of our clients return for another project


We are in the software development and design industry for more than a decade. We bring all our knowhow to deliver high quality software.


Being transparent in the development process is crucial for any product success. Our clients see what we do, when we do and how we do in realtime.


We start working from the first interaction with our clients. We deliver end-to-end development services taking the whole burden so our customers don't need to worry about anything.

Tell Us About Your Project

Whether you are developing a web or mobile application, chatbot, api, looking for a strong technical support or consulting, having troubles with scaling your existing application or just have an idea, we are keen to learn more.

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We are an international company in Armenia (headquarter), Australia and the Netherlands

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