Why we focused on Javascript

Back in 2011 when Simply was founded by Alex and Harut, Simply co-founders, JavaScript was developing really fast. What they found the first thing to do is to focus on a technology that is popular, futuristic and efficient from different perspectives. Then JavaScript was already quite popular, with still young Node.js, making the language a whole winner on all sides of the web. So the choice to focus on JS and master it was not that difficult. As years passed and Simply grew it became a home for really enthusiastic JS developers who were fond of their work, JS, its frameworks, and libraries. The JS focus helped Simply team become a team of JS experts because maybe JS is easy to learn but never easy to know it really well. So this is what we do and advise others to do- to focus and strive for perfection. Now at Simply we do, write, think and breathe JavaScript. It has now become a lifestyle and we live like JS- we develop, learn, innovate and make coding simple than ever.

Harut Muradyan, Co-founder, CEO

Harut Muradyan, Co-founder, CEO

Alexander Adamyan, Co-founder

Alexander Adamyan, Co-founder

JS Conf Armenia

Being a part of Simply, it is about being a JS fan and lover. Being a co-founder at Simply, it means you are an old JavaScript admirer, a leader to a JS team and a leading member of Armenian JS community. Simply’s innovation and excellence patron, our co-founder Alexander Adamyan is one of the co-founders of JS Conf Armenia. On December 9, 2017, the first JS Conf in Armenia was organized by Alex and his JS engineer-friends, gathering together more than 700 JS developers and IT professionals. JS Conf Armenia is so far one of the biggest IT events held in Yerevan, Armenia. The event brought together so many JS developers to talk on JS, share their knowledge during workshops, discussions, and talks. The speakers were JS developers and professionals from many leading IT companies in Armenia, some were invited from Russia and USA. Of course, Simply joined the first JS event in Armenia as a partner and the 3 of Simply JS ninjas delivered 4 interesting topics as speakers:

V8 engine, JavaScript Code Interpretation, and Execution, Shahen Hovhannisyan
Real-time applications with Firebase and React, Slavik Manukyan
React Native: The Dark Art of Native APIs, Shahen Hovhannisyan
Universal React with Next.js, Gnun Ulikhanyan


Open source contributions

If to talk about Simply’s open source contributions we are, of course, contributing mainly in JS and JS-based technologies. In our open source contributions, you will see projects like React Native Navigation Flow or Messenger-Bot wit Boilerplate.

Research on Engineering at Simply is another hobby for our developers and we sometimes go really deep to know how to make things simpler and write the smartest code ever existed in any framework or with any JS library. This is how we created React Native Navigation flow and made it public. As React Native by default populates all the JS Code in one Root View, Simply developers changed that structure to keep apps’ performance on the level and to provide truly native navigation. So it lets your app have multiple roots and each screen run in his own root.

A few years ago we organized in-house chatbot hackathon. We split into a few groups and created different chatbots. As a result, we noticed that all of them had the same structure. That’s why we grouped it into a boilerplate just not to start writing a chatbot from zero everytime and also hosted it on github.  This is how we made Messenger-Bot wit Boilerplate. For more open source projects, check out our github profile.

JS Hackers School

JavaScript is a phenomenon in the web that is worth sharing. That’s why in 2015 Simply Technology founded JS Hackers School to give high-level knowledge and expertise on JS to those who want to become true JSers. Until now, JS Hackers School already has had 6 internship group-graduates and organized two special Shifting Schools: “Angular to React”, “PHP to Node.js” when Angular developers learned React and PHP engineers learned Node.

We love JavaScript

Working on every project that needs JS development is another pleasure for each of us. Creating a new functionally strong system from the very beginning or optimizing any code written in JS is our passion.

Every day we read the huge quote of Confucius hanging on one of Simply office walls “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. And we never work because we just love what we do, we love JavaScript! - Simply Team