Software Outsourcing Tips: do not start without reading this

I have years of experience of working as a software developer in outsourcing company and about 6 years of experience of managing an outsourcing company.


We(Simply Technologies) completed 40+ projects during these 6+ years. In this post I’ve tried to put together all the essential and mostly easy to do things that I’ve learned from our best clients during that period.

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6 Tips You Want to Know About React Native Performance

React Native is fast by default, but it’s so easy to make it slower. At first, I will explore what's going on under the hood. The key to better react native performance is understanding how react native actually works. And I will provide the main tips for improving your react native application performance.

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Scrum vs Kanban? Which Way to Go?

What is the difference between Scrum and Kanban? Which one is your favorite methodology? Which one is more up to the minute?. Well, none of this questions can have a definite answer. Both Scrum and Kanban are agile ways of handling a project, and each has it characteristic features that can better or worse serve your project's needs.

In order to better understand the difference between these two methods, let us first try defining them both.

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Mobile Apps. Are they Hitting Web?

We all live in a crazy era of limited time. The information flow is so rapid, the plans are so vast that we all wish the day had more than 24 hours.

Mobile apps are one great invention to fasten the actions we generally used to do via computers. They grant us with a possibility to action anywhere: in the street, transport, at a cafe. Now what exactly mobile apps are determined for and what features can make a mobile app great?

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