Simply Technologies and JS Conf Armenia 2018: What to Expect?

Simply technologies have been supporting JavaScript community in Armenia from the very first day when the company have decided to focus on this unique and popularity-gaining technology. Making JavaScript development the main concentration, Simply Technologies started to gain popularity and impact in forming and supporting JavaScript engineers community in the country.

Starting from the famous JS Hackers school, the company have been organizing many meetups, in-house hackathons and video blogs to share knowledge with other community members on what would be discovered while going deep in JavaScript.

From 2012 and on more than 40 amazing JavaScript developers have graduated from JS Hackers schools internship program at Simply. They had the opportunity to work with Simply JS experts and enthusiastic developers and now many of them has already joined Simply board of ninjas.


Simply is home for JavaScript experts.

Simply is home for JavaScript experts.

And JS Hackers school is one of the reasons why the company is known as the House of JavaScript. It is home for JS experts, teaches and mentors JS engineers and encourages them to learn and deeply develop in the great environment of professionals and work with the latest technologies. Simply Technologies is where there is anything JavaScript in Armenia: JavaScript talk, event, even a little discussion. It held JS nominations at Barcamp talks and always stands by JS community members encouraging and inspiring to get new heights.


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On Dec 9, 2017, Alexander Adamyan, co-founder of Simply Technologies and three of his friends have brought into a reality the first biggest JavaScript event in Armenia - JS Conf Armenia. It brought together the biggest IT companies in Armenia and more than 700 JavaScript developers to talk JS. Simply Technologies and (Simply’s product) have been the main partners of the conference and helped the team to organize the event in the best way.

JS Conf Armenia is so far one of the biggest IT events held in Yerevan, Armenia. The event brought together so many JS developers to talk on JS, share their knowledge during workshops, discussions, and talks. The speakers were JS developers and professionals from many leading IT companies in Armenia, some were invited from Russia and USA. Of course, Simply joined the first JS event in Armenia as a partner and the 3 of Simply JS ninjas delivered 4 interesting topics as speakers:

Participants of the JS Conf 2017 also had fun with JS quizzes made by Simply winning champion badges for their great results and high-level skills.


“If you want a change, be the change.” —Mahatma Gandhi

Following this rule of changing the world to better,this year Simply Technologies has decided to join the biggest JS event in Armenia not only as a partner but also as a general sponsor. To foster JavaScript community interactions and development, Simply has decided to lead the board of JS Conf Armenia 2018 supporting IT companies - among them you can find many famous Armenian, Finnish, American, German IT companies that are hiring JavaScript developers in Armenia.


This year:

  • Simply’s also joins the event as a partner by providing a great platform for IT companies to get promoted and post their vacancy announcements.

  • Two of JavaScript ninjas will give a talk on very interesting topics for developers and any JS community members.

  • Simply will have many presents (interesting stuff, gifts, stickers) for anyone.

So this is the day of JavaScript celebration in Armenia and Simply is happy to invite you to take part and feel the joy of being a JavaScript ninja.

Don’t miss it and go to the JS Conf website to register.

See you on Nov 3, ninja!